Children’s Wellness Academy

Be your own Superhero in our Children’s Wellness Academy. A place where imagination & creativity really can make dreams come true.

Courses Offered from our Children’s Wellness Academy (5-17yrs)

Children Academy Reiki 400 x 400-min

Children’s Reiki Academy

Unique Reiki Master certification designed for children & teens. Bringing peace and harmony to their universe while reducing stress, alleviating fear and connecting with their inner selves.

  • Relaxation & Confidence
  • Facilitate recovery & treatment of pain
  • Create Mindfulness & helps to treat many conditions
  • Gain courage to work through peer pressure and education pressure
  • and more…
Children Academy Sacred Geometry 400 x 400-min

Sacred Geometry: The Secret Code

Learn how Sacred Geometry Children greatly improves focus, concentration and creativity. The “Secret Code’s beauty is in its infinite potential. Ages 5-17yrs

  • Enhance the creative mind’s capacity
  • Heighten levels of concentration and focus (helpful for those with learning challenges)
  • Feel excitement about exploring the world outside
  • Gain a deeper connection with nature (environment & food)
  • and more…
QPI Portfolio Image 400 x 400-min

Quantum Power Intuition (QPI)….The “Superhuman” Child

Learn to ignite the 6 senses with Quantum Power Intuition for children. Discover “Superhuman” abilities. Engage in all senses as never before.

  • Reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Solidify the bonds of relationships (friends, family, etc…)
  • Know how to communicate one’s understanding of ourselves with others
  • Create a sense of “knowing” as students listen to the Universal language
  • and more…
Alchemy kids 400 x 400-min

Alchemy: Children of the Rainbow Flame

Feel under pressure, crushed or in darkness? Alchemy Children brings your child into a powerful place for transformation and transmutation.

  • Know how to take a beautiful moment and magnify it into an unlimited amount of glorious bliss, joy and grace
  • Physically “see” someone’s pain and its location then convert it to joy
  • With a snap of the finger change a low vibration into the highest ever experienced
  • Bend time and space, (to rewind it, fast forward it)
  • and more…

Those with challenges will discover tools to empower their abilities and amplify their learning potential.

Read A Systematic Review of the Use of Reiki in Health Care from the Journal Alternative and Complementary Therapies 14(1):37-42from the Click Here